Developing kernel modules for Maemo

This project aims to make building kernel module packages for the Maemo platform a routine task. Right now it involves black magic with manipulating whole kernel trees, hacks when building and installing such packages because of missing module-init-tools.

Right now it consists of two important packages, and a number of additional driver packages which can serve as examples of usage of the kernel module build system.

The most important package is called linux-headers. The package is actually called linux-diablo-headers, but linux-headers is in its Provides: line, and that's what a kernel module package should depend on. The package for later Maemo platforms will have some other name, but they all will provide a linux-headers virtual package. There's a separate page with detailed instructions how to use this package to create a proper package with the drivers you need.

Another important package is module-init-tools. This is the standard module-init-tools linux package, specially packaged for Maemo so that it does not conflict with the simple variants of the tools provided by the busybox package.